Trade journal reports about Franz & Wach TikTok Account


The trade journal Social Hub Mag sees Franz & Wach in a pioneering role for staffing companies on social media

Das Scial Hub Magazin machte ein Interview mit dem Vorreiter für Social Media unter den Personaldienstleistern
Tim Schweizer and Ralf Eisenbeiß with Social Hub Mag (Issue 02 2023)

In May 2022, Franz & Wach launched its own channel on TikTok. More than 37,000 people now follow the channel. The HR service provider also has strong accounts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


The idea of creating your own Franz & Wach channel on TikTok to open, came with the hiring of Tim Swiss as social media manager. The young man has had a private account on the subject of table tennis on TikTok for quite some time and with more than 120,000 followers as a Germany's most successful table tennis TikToker. He brought idea also as Personnel service provider on the social media channel to become active - and received for it from his team leader Ralf Eisenbeiß first of all completely free hand.

How everything started and what it led to, the two have in a detailed interview the editors of the Trade journal Social Hub Mag tells. This has now resulted in a four-page article that is printed in the current issue of the magazine. The article can also be read online. You can download a PDF of the entire magazine free of charge at the following link and then find the interview on pages 14 to 17:

The TikTok channel from Franz & Wach shows a Mixture of entertaining and informative contributions. The entertaining videos include small Puzzle, which are given to the viewers and then resolved in a separate video. Likewise small, funny Gamewhich are recorded in the office with the participation of various colleagues. Usually a short coffee break is used for this purpose, because a new film is quickly in the can if it has been well prepared.

Among these entertaining videos, however, those with an informative character are increasingly mixed in. In the process, for example, in the Ask the Doc" format explains how temporary employment works, what a working time account is and why Franz & Wach maintains its own driving service at many locations. Viewers also regularly ask questions, which are then answered in the comments.

Recently we were also the first times live on TikTok. Without much announcement and yet with several thousand spectators. These could ask then questions to the time work and got these naturally also immediately competently answered.

Also the first Applications have already arrived via TikTok, showing that our channel's viewers are not only concerned with entertainment.

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