Leadership model: publishes series of articles on Franz & Wach


Our renewal process is unparalleled, even in a dynamic industry such as personnel services. The portal has published a whole series of online articles on this.

Führungsmodell: veröffentlicht Artikelserie über Franz & Wach
Community and open communication play an important role in leadership

Interestingly, the history of the online portal shares from Haufe itself has many parallels with Franz & Wach. The common core theme Human Resources Management is only one aspect of this, because both also have a revolutionary change implemented at the right time. Haufe, for its part, transferred the business model to the digital sector, which today accounts for almost all of the media group's sales. At Franz & Wach, in turn, this affects our Management modelwhich opens up a scope of action for every employee that is not (yet) considered possible by a large part of the corporate world.

So the Haufe Group knows the importance of the success factor courage and is dedicating a three-part series of online articles to our company: About the path we have taken and about the background that motivated us to do so. In the first part, you will find out why our employees set goals yourself and for this very reason contribute to the profit of the entire company. Part 2 takes up the topic Empowerment under the microscope and why we have abolished rigid processes. Part 3 explains why joint Values are the crucial mantle to make all this possible.

You can find the articles under Part 3 of the series will appear shortly.

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