Donation for education project in Tanzania


We enable children in Tanzania to develop - by supporting a local education project that ensures children and young people receive schooling and vocational training

Übergabe eines Schecks von Franz & Wach an den Arbeitskreis Tansania
Dr. Werner Schebesta (center) accepts the donation check for AK Tanzania

Education is for many people the Access to better development opportunities and thus also to a better life. Based on this realization, we wanted to use the Franz & Wach Christmas donation to make a difference that would give young people a better perspective, and we have found a trustworthy partner to do so.

The Tanzania Working Group of the Protestant Church District of Crailsheim supports for many years some villages in Tanzania. It's not just about that, Rainwater tanks to build, but also in particular through Kindergartens, Schools and Training support to give young people a perspective and the entire village a social framework. Locally, it is a few volunteers who constantly accompany, organize and document these projects. Here in Germany, it is the members of the working group who collect donations on a voluntary basis and support the projects from afar or during privately financed on-site visits.

In personal conversation with Dr. Werner Schebesta (see photo), one of the coordinators of the working group, we were able to see for ourselves how valuable this work is and what fruits it is already bearing. We see in the work of the working group, particularly in the sustainable provision of education for the eight villages in Tanzania served, an admirable approach of helping people to help themselves, which we would very much like to support.

In order to draw attention to the work of the Tanzania working group to draw attention to our company during the Advent season, we had our Customers and business partners and reported on the project. At the same time, we had called for a photo of Christmas cookies with the hashtag #BackeBackeBuilding on Instagram, so that the action also gets some attention in social media.

The action now takes place with the handover of a Donation checks in the amount of € 1,000 to the coordinator of the Tanzania working group. In line with the Franz & Wach mission statement "We enable people and companies to develop", the money will be used specifically for the following purposes used for education in the villages served.

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