Zeitarbeit und Arbeitsvermittlung in Mainz am Rhein

Franz & Wach bietet Ihnen Stellenangebote in Mainz am Rhein. Ob mittels Zeitarbeit, oder via Arbeitsvermittlung: Wir bringen Menschen in Arbeit!

Shahsawar ShareefShahsawar Shareef
20:08 15 Sep 23
brzani brzanibrzani brzani
10:12 29 Aug 23
Even one star is too much, if there was a minus, of course it would have given minus, I've only had bad experiences with the Franz und Wach company, they just take advantage of them there, I was employed there as a driver service and the car is gone during the operation after a few days, I was not paid for the days on which it was broken, although they had promised me they said to me that I don't get anything for free here, just outrageous, but what could I do if my work material wasn't available to me after that The other driver's car broke down and my vehicle was taken from me and passed on to him. I was unemployed again for a short time, I hadn't received anything for it again, just ridiculous although she promised me I'd get the days when it was broken then paid out when it was broken, however, nothing happened to it, empty words beyond that, I definitely do not recommend them.
Noah da SilvaNoah da Silva
19:33 21 Aug 23
Great company for young professionals
00:33 12 Aug 23
I can only recommend 👍🏻
Raimar ElgerRaimar Elger
23:51 18 Oct 22
Fair payment, own transport service without long train and bus journeys, great different, varied work assignments to get professional practice in many areas. There is no better way to look into different professions.

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