Vacation & Student Jobs

You are a student or pupil and would like to supplement your income with a really good job that gives you prospects at the same time? Then we have the right thing for you! We work for many renowned companies that need additional staff especially during the (semester) vacation season.

The best vacation jobs are at Franz & Wach

If you want to gain practical experience in the area of your field of study, lay the foundation for a later professional network or simply earn good money, you are in the right place with a Vacation job Franz & Wach is the right place for you:

Your advantages

You will be paid at least according to the BAP/DGB collective agreement - or even higher. We do not offer underpaid vacation jobs.
At the same time, you will get to know exciting and renowned companies from the inside through us, because we work with market leaders and hidden champions. This can be your ticket to starting a career there after you graduate.
Since we regularly arrange vacation jobs for many of our clients, you ensure the best chances of re-employment in the following year.

Secure space early

Our vacation jobs are in high demand and therefore you should preferably early Contact our branches so that we can reserve a starting place for you right away. Last minute applicants nevertheless have a good chance of finding a vacation job, because when the order situation is right, many companies register additional personnel requirements with us at short notice.

Secure a position now!
We want to make temporary work better. Better than yesterday. Better than others.
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