Occupational safety

Occupational safety is given special importance at Franz & Wach. We employ a full-time occupational safety specialist and our accident rate is significantly below the industry average.

Occupational safety from the time the position is filled

The accident rate at Franz & Wach is already low, and by means of our occupational safety management system, we strive for constant further improvements. Since temporary workers must be trained on the safety regulations of their respective workplaces, the necessary preventive examinations, instruction and provision of protective equipment are already clarified when the employee leasing contract is drawn up. In doing so, the workflow generally proceeds in the following steps:

  1. Internal needs assessment 
  2. Determination of the necessary qualifications
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Determination of the necessary instructions
  5. Determination of the necessary personal protective equipment
  6. Determination of the necessary preventive examinations
  7. Contractual regulation of the performance obligation with the personnel service provider

At Franz & Wach, the system of occupational safety is combined with the system of Administrative Professional Association applied - with very good success, as evidenced by the low accident rates.

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