There is a story behind every award. For us, it's years of continuous improvement and a firm determination to be the best possible employer for you. We work every day anew to live up to this claim.

ISO 9001

Franz & Wach's quality management system is certified according to DIN ISO EN 9001:2015 certified and is re-audited annually. It goes without saying that quality management is applied uniformly at all sites. You can find out which sites are considered officially certified in the linked document.


For our high level of intercultural openness we were informed by the German Graduate School audited.


Our Harmlessness is used by the Payment Security Institute continuously reviewed and confirmed.

Family success factor

Franz & Wach is committed to the future with its membership in the Company network Success Factor Family is committed to promoting the professional and family interests of its employees as an employer.

Family Pact Bavaria

As an employer, Franz & Wach supports the desire of its employees to reconcile family and career. We express this through our membership in the Family Pact Bavaria off.


Franz & Wach has relied on qualified occupational safety management for many years. This was confirmed with the Safety Certificate of Personnel Service Providers (SCP) excellent.

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