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Although temporary employment / employee leasing has been established on the labor market for many years, questions about this employment model keep coming up. We would like to answer the most common ones in this FAQ list.

General questions about temporary employment

What is temporary work?

The term temporary employment describes the commercial supply of labor by a temporary employment agency to another company (customer). The temporary workers are employed by the temporary employment agency (lender). A temporary employment contract is concluded between the customer and the hiring company, which regulates the duration, modalities and costs of the temporary employment. In addition to these contractual agreements, legal requirements such as the

Is temporary work the work model of the future?

Temporary employment is used by companies in all industries as a tool to increase their own flexibility, and the essence of staffing companies is to assemble a longer-term labor requirement from the temporary labor needs of different companies and hire employees for that purpose.

What advantages does Franz & Wach offer over other personnel service providers?

Franz & Wach Personalservice GmbH has been successful in the industry since 1996 and is now one of the most efficient personnel service providers in southern Germany and also catches up with the top group nationwide. The basis of our performance is the high number of employees, the dense branch network, the versatility of our offer (industries, professions), our F&W Plus package as well as the high flexibility and reliability of our branch employees.

Since Franz & Wach works with many well-known and economically sound companies, which also come from very different industries, we are relatively well positioned to deal with economic fluctuations. This also secures your job!

In addition to these economic reasons, however, the employee-related corporate mission statement also speaks in favor of Franz & Wach Personalservice GmbH. Your professional success is our mission - and so we are also committed to your medium and long-term interests. To ensure that you feel completely at ease with us, we offer a range of non-pay-scale additional benefits and a corporate mission statement that is lived out in practice.

Which companies does Franz & Wach work for?

Franz & Wach works with numerous renowned companies. These include small and medium-sized companies as well as internationally established corporations. Many have relied on our services for several years and have grown with us. This is how a strategic partnership with the customers develops, which serves the security of the performance and at the same time your job.

In addition to our regular customers, we welcome new customers every week who are interested in our services and who open up new opportunities for us and for you.

Can I actually make a career with this type of work?

Of course, because precisely because temporary employment gives you the opportunity to quickly gain experience in various activities and companies, this can be an ideal start to a career. Franz & Wach works with various clusters (associations of companies within an industry) and thus offers an excellent career springboard, especially for technical specialists.

Application process

How do I apply?

All application media are open to you: online application right on this website; by e-mail or mail to the nearest branch; by phone; or you can drop by in person at the nearest branch. We conduct interviews either in one of our branches or online via webcam.

How do I prepare for an interview?

An interview at Franz & Wach proceeds in exactly the same way as at other companies. Please bring all documents with you that have not yet been submitted to us but could be relevant for your employment. If you have not applied online via this website, we will send you a personnel questionnaire. This will ask for details that are important for your employment.

The supervising colleague would like to meet you and get a personal impression. This complements the information from the application documents and is an important step on the way to finding the right job for you.

How soon can I expect an interview?

Franz & Wach keeps a close eye on the duration of the process as part of its quality management and tries to get you up and running as quickly as possible. How long this takes in individual cases varies. However, since flexibility is our trump card and we also always respond very quickly to customer questions, interviews can often be held at very short notice (within 1-2 working days). The branch responsible will be happy to give you a more precise estimate.

Right now I still have a job and am not looking for new employment for a few weeks. Can I still contact you?

Even though flexibility is one of our core competencies, we work with many customers strategically, i.e. planning for the medium term. Thus, it is always advantageous if you contact us early on and let us know the expected start of your availability. This gives us even more time to really find the right job for you and possibly also to provide you with various offers to choose from.

Can I also join Franz & Wach as a career starter?

Yes, many people also choose temporary employment quite specifically in order to make a varied yet secure start to their career. Not only can they gain a lot of professional experience in different industries, but they also get to know different, often well-known companies intensively at the same time. Experience shows that people who use this option specifically mature particularly quickly and lay a good foundation for their later career.

Does Franz & Wach also offer a chance to people re-entering the company?

Of course. Use our contacts to many companies in your region to quickly find a job again, e.g. after a parental leave, a job outside your profession or a longer stay abroad. Make it easy for yourself and reach dozens of companies at once with an application to Franz & Wach. That's what we are here for!

What happens after Franz & Wach has received my documents?

After receipt of your documents, they will be immediately reviewed by the responsible Franz & Wach employee and then the branch will contact you at short notice to arrange an appointment for an interview (in person at the branch, on the phone or online via webcam). Then we check whether there are already suitable offers among the job profiles of our customers available to us. If not, the companies in our database are specifically approached to find out whether they need an employee with your qualifications. If a suitable position is found, we first present it to you by telephone. If you are interested, we then arrange a personal interview at the customer's premises. If this is also positive and successful for all parties, the employment contract is signed.

How does Franz & Wach handle my personal data?

Of course we treat your data and documents strictly confidential and in accordance with the applicable Privacy policy. Your documents will only be presented to a customer anonymously and only after prior consultation with you. You can cancel the placement process or the search for an assignment for you at any time. Just as we take into account your wishes with regard to future assignments, we also respect your objection to the forwarding of your documents to certain companies or industries.

Will Franz & Wach hire me even if I have filed for personal insolvency?

Yes. Your personal financial circumstances do not play a role in the decision about your employment. Our accounting department is experienced in handling creditor inquiries frequently received in the event of private insolvency and is very familiar with the legal regulations.

Contract design

Who will be my future employer?

When working in the field of temporary employment, your future employer is Franz & Wach Personalservice GmbH. We assume all associated employer obligations and benefits, including in the event of illness or vacation.

If you are placed by us with a third party as part of the employment service, you will receive an employment contract directly with that company.

How much vacation do I get?

You receive a regulated vacation entitlement as provided for in the collective agreement applicable to your employment contract. Under the BAP/DGB collective agreement, for example, this is 24 days in the first year of employment. The entitlement depends on the length of service.

What happens in case of illness?

If you should fall ill, please report immediately to the branch responsible for you. In the event of illness, you are just as well off at a temporary employment agency as at other companies. The legal basis here is the Continuation of Remuneration Act.

Does Franz & Wach offer a company pension?

Yes. Franz & Wach offers all employees the opportunity to set up an additional company pension plan. In this way, you create an additional pension for yourself, and the contributions paid in have a favorable effect on you, as they are deducted from your gross salary. You thus save taxes directly and (according to the current legal situation) do not have to pay taxes on the pension later on, either.

How long can I work?

A normal full-time employment contract at Franz & Wach provides for 35 working hours per week, i.e. 7 working hours per working day. The minimum work breaks are prescribed by law.
Now, however, it is the case that the actual working hours at the individual customer companies often exceed the aforementioned 7 hours per day. In these cases, a deployment-related supplementary agreement to the employment contract can be concluded. This is also decisive for the payment of bonuses, e.g. for overtime / extra hours.

What are the effects of the collective agreement?

Your employment contract is always concluded on the basis of a collective agreement. This regulates basic matters such as remuneration, continued payment of wages, vacation entitlement, etc. In the case of qualified employees (with training qualifications or many years of professional experience), payment in excess of the collective wage agreement is already the norm. Franz & Wach is a member of the Bundesverband Zeitarbeit Personaldienstleistungen e.V. (BAP) and therefore exclusively applies the collective agreement BAP/DGB.

Is employment on a part-time basis possible?

The choice of working time model often depends on the respective activity and the client company. Although full-time employment is the rule in temporary employment, there are also part-time contracts in individual areas of employment. This question is easiest to discuss in a personal meeting at your branch.

How long do the on-site assignments with customers last?

The duration of an assignment with a customer depends on various factors, such as the industry, the activity and the order situation. In principle, we try to realize assignments that are as long-term as possible through appropriate planning. To this end, our personnel consultants are sometimes even involved in production planning by the client companies. In general, it can be said that longer-term assignments are the rule in the commercial sector. In the industrial-technical area it is the case that for jobs that require higher qualifications, the assignments are also longer-term. But even if you change assignments, this doesn't necessarily mean a big break for you because, for example, we work with several companies in the same industrial park and you then simply drive to a different company site to work. Or you will be brought to work and picked up again by our driving service anyway.

What if Franz & Wach doesn't have any work for me?

Your Franz & Wach supervisor will always fight to keep you permanently employed. If an assignment comes to an end, there is usually the possibility that you will be able to start work immediately in another company. The dense branch network and the high number of successful customers provide a solid foundation here.

If, exceptionally, a gap in employment does occur, you will of course receive the continued payment of wages provided for by law.

Can the company I work for take me on?

Of course. We are even proud of our above-average takeover rate! This is the best proof that we manage to get the right employees into the right jobs.

Other questions

How do I fill out the time sheet?

You will receive a timesheet form from your supervisor for each calendar week of the month. The form is self-explanatory and clearly laid out. In it, you enter the hours worked (depending on the assignment, also the break times).

In some companies, you keep the records via a central time recording system. In these cases, manual completion of the forms is no longer necessary.

By when do I have to submit the time sheet?

The time sheet should be handed in to the branch responsible for you immediately after the end of the week or month. This ensures that your salary is paid on time. In some companies, Franz & Wach also has an on-site office, i.e. an office in the customer's company, where the time sheets can then be handed in. Details of how to hand in the time sheets are agreed directly between you and the branch.

What do I do if there are problems?

Please inform your Franz & Wach representative as soon as possible if problems arise at your location or in your environment. We will stand up for your interests and act as a mediator if necessary. Early information serves to identify and solve problems while they are still developing.

To whom do I apply for leave?

Please arrange longer vacations (annual leave) with the responsible Franz & Wach branch as early as possible. We will then clarify this immediately with the hirer and organize a replacement if necessary.

You should also inform us immediately if you are going on vacation at short notice (1-2 days). Vacation must always be approved in advance by your Franz & Wach consultant.

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