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In-house seminars 
External training 
Every person has special abilities. We want to discover and promote them. And not by chance, but successfully and systematically. This is ensured by a sophisticated Personnel development concept.

Yes, we also have annual Employee reviews. But beyond that, there are also regular discussions between colleagues, employees and superiors, because Personnel development is a constant task and does not only take place at the end of the year. We work in a dynamic environment that regularly creates new tasks and challenges. You have to respond to this and therefore constantly match your personal knowledge and skills with the requirements of the job in question. If this results in a Training needs, this is covered immediately. However, it can also come out that the employee has his strengths on a Other position, possibly with more responsibility, can play out better.

We want to give you the opportunity to personal development and actively promote your career. There are always opportunities for advancement in our company and exciting tasks lure you around every corner. To ensure that you are equipped for these tasks, we offer you a broad portfolio of targeted further training measures, both in-house and with external training providers.


Fully involved from day one!
Whether you come to us as a career changer or as an industry expert: the Training-on-the-job is intended to familiarize you with our company and our processes. Because at Franz & Wach we maintain a special corporate culture and distinguish ourselves through optimized work processes. The best way to get to know these is by working in our day-to-day business. For this reason, every new employee undergoes several weeks of on-the-job training after being hired. Central as well as different Branches gets to know each other and personal network builds up in the company.

Parts of the training-on-the-job are a one-day Introductory event at the headquarters and a multi-day Topic training. Here you will learn and experience the Corporate culture of Franz & Wach up close. You will get to know our product portfolio as well as our core processes of employee leasing and personnel placement. We will also bring you up to date on the topics of labor law, AGG, occupational safety and data protection. In line with the tasks you will take on in the future, you will receive in-depth training in the relevant Software programs. During and after the training-on-the-job phase, each newcomer is supported by an experienced colleague (Godparents) who accompanies him and coaches him.

The entry is possible at any time!

In-house seminars

Always up to date
Under the term Inhouse seminars we summarize training courses that are exclusively reserved for Franz & Wach employees. Experienced employees from our own ranks as well as external experts and trainers act as trainers. For example, we offer all internal employees English courses which are then conducted by external trainers and where you are grouped according to your existing language level.

The Training topics are carefully selected to support the personal and professional development of our employees. Of course, the special requirements of our industry, such as knowledge in the Labor and collective bargaining law or the Applicant Management is of particular importance. At the same time, however, knowledge and skills are imparted that benefit employees in other areas of responsibility. These include Team building activities as well as Leadership training.

A small excerpt from the catalog of regularly offered in-house seminars:

  • Applicant Management
  • Labor and collective bargaining law
  • Occupational safety and environmental protection
  • Employee management
  • Telephone sales
  • Language courses

External training

Tapping new sources of knowledge
Sometimes the thirst for knowledge of our employees cannot be satisfied by in-house seminars alone. Then we offer in Cooperation with educational centers and universities additional educational opportunities.

Often, the impetus for such training comes from the regular Employee reviews within the framework of the Human Resources Development. Often, the initiative also comes from the employees themselves, who seek in-service training to advance their own careers.

The possibilities are virtually unlimited. They range from participation in Chamber of Industry and Commerce seminars with a final examination to an employee scholarship to study at a university. Contact persons for external training are the direct superiors, who then assess the need and discuss it directly with management to identify an appropriate action.
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