Time recording

Temporary staffing (or employee leasing) has become an important tool in the economy. It creates flexibility in personnel planning and allows companies to respond quickly to fluctuating order situations.

Saves time and money

As a modern personnel service provider, Franz & Wach was one of the pioneers in the introduction of new technologies and services at an early stage. This was also the case with electronic time recording, where we relied early on a self-developed system that met the high requirements of our customers.

Electronic time recording replaces the forms that have to be filled out manually. The resulting elimination of the time spent on manual data entry by temporary employees and checking by supervisors saves time, thus also money, and ultimately increases productivity. In addition, sources of error are eliminated and the administrative process is significantly accelerated. 

Especially with the use of many temporary workers we offer you by means of On-Site Management another interesting way to increase productivity enormously.  

Variants of electronic time recording

We offer you various options for electronic time recording. All of the variants we propose have one thing in common: you receive several evaluations and protocols tailored to your specific needs, which you can view online. Around the clock!

F&W Teminal

We provide you with a special terminal at which the temporary workers "clock in and out" using a chip card. The data is then transferred to Franz & Wach via mobile communications. 

Customer terminal

If you have already installed a time recording system in your company, the working times of temporary workers can also be recorded via this system. 
You simply send us the electronic time sheet. We then import the data into our own system.

Computer workstation

Of course, the electronic time recording data can also be transferred via any computer with an Internet connection. We provide you with a secure online portal for this purpose. 



Talk to us. Together we will find the optimal system for you, which we will then establish for you at no extra cost.


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