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Work and private life in harmony

Sports and health courses
Sports events

We see it as our primary task to shape your everyday working life and your working environment in such a way that you enjoy coming to the office every day and are highly motivated to work. But of course, a fulfilling life also includes the opportunity to make your free time attractive and to have freedom of planning.

Here we make our contribution with the Confidential working timewhich we have introduced throughout the company. In concrete terms, this means that, for example, a branch team (around 3 to 7 employees) is responsible for ensuring that at least one HR decision-maker is available during office opening hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The team is also responsible for ensuring that at least one HR decision-maker is available during office opening hours. There are no other regulations in this regard. Thus, there is maximum personal freedom to choose the working hours in such a way that one can also pursue private interests. It goes without saying that the respective team coordinates its working hours planning.

What applies to working hours applies at Franz & Wach also for vacations: maximum freedom of planning and confidence. Therefore, the vacation days at Franz & Wach are not limited. The statutory vacation entitlement is guaranteed. Beyond that, however, internal employees can take as much vacation as they want and as their personal work schedules allow.

The third pillar of the work-life balance is the Health Promotion. For example, we offer all employees a subsidy for health insurance-approved Sports and health courses.

All workstations are controlled by our Occupational safety specialist appraised and professionally set up. Necessary or recommended health examinations are discussed and scheduled together with you.

Time and again we organize Sports events or participate in such together.

You can make your re-entry after a parental break e.g. via a Part-time arrangement to your personal needs. Many workstations also have a hybrid working - partly from the office, partly from the home office - possible. And yes, we also have some workplaces where the work is Completely remote can take place, from the home office or from any other place in the world with a good connection to the Internet.

The details of the individual position can be found directly in the job advertisements on our careers page.

"Thanks to the trust-based working hours at Franz & Wach, we succeed in
me to balance work and family."

Nicole Eckhart-Kettner, Division Manager

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Nicole Eckhart-Kettner

Sports and health courses

Your health is close to our heart

It is part of Franz & Wach's corporate policy to promote the health of employees at work and in their free time. Therefore we offer you a operational health management with versatile offer.

The ergonomic setup of your workplace is carried out by our full-time occupational safety specialist. This person is also available to you as a trustworthy contact for all health-related questions.

In addition, Franz & Wach supports you if you are privately interested in Sports and health courses would like to participate. Simply choose the courses that suit you from the wide range of courses approved by the health insurance funds. We increase the benefit of your health insurance for approved courses by a additional, tax-free amount of up to 25 euros per course. This usually covers your own costs completely.

Sports events

We meet for sports

Even people with an office job should regularly create a balance in order to be able to compensate for the physical and mental stresses of everyday working life.At Franz & Wach, we would like to achieve this through a Health and sports program which is voluntary and aligned with the interests of the workforce.

With Beginner seminars in Endurance sports or in Relaxation methods we would like to give our employees the opportunity to try something new. This way, you can get to know an effective relaxation method together with colleagues from near and far and ask an expert all your questions.

And if someone has a fancy request or if there are not enough participants for a certain course, there is another solution:
If the course you are looking for is already offered or subsidized by a health insurance company, Franz & Wach offers coverage of the higher participation fees through the external health and sports courses program.

Relaxation methods

Get to know a new world of relaxation with a one-day taster course.

Whether yoga, Tai Chi or muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen - there are many ways of relaxation and the person must find the one that suits him best. Since experience shows that the inhibition threshold to attend a privately offered regular course is high, we offer one-day taster courses here.

These are conducted by experienced, certified trainers who not only introduce theory and practice, but are also available to answer any questions beginners and advanced students may have.

Sports Seminars

Find out which sport suits you or what you can still achieve - with a beginner and advanced seminar.

There are many interesting sports. But does the new in-sport suit me and what sports equipment do I need to purchase for it? You can ask these and similar questions to the trainer we have engaged and at the same time do your first practical exercises in a one-day seminar.

Franz & Wach, for example, organized a running seminar with the reigning half marathon champion of the state of Baden-Württemberg, Günter Seibold. Beginners and recreational runners gained insights into the endurance sport of running, from equipment to nutrition and health aspects to the design of training plans. Several practical sessions, spread throughout the day, lightened up the theory and the question and answer sessions.

Sports competitions
Whether it's a soccer tournament or a company run, participating in public competitions is fun and brings employees together.

Sometimes it is an invitation from a supported sports club to participate in the Sponsor tournamentSometimes it is the commitment of a branch manager who asks for support for the local company run quickly find a number of colleagues who are happy to take part in the event. The company supports these activities as off-duty activities, pays the entry fees and provides the jerseys.

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