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Your application documents are the door opener to the new desired position. Take advantage of this opportunity and make a good first impression by expressing not only your knowledge and skills, but above all your motivation for the new job.

The cover letter

In the cover letter, you must first and foremost explain your motives, i.e. your Incentive put into words for the application. If you are applying for a specific job offer, then make it clear why exactly you want to the right one for this position. If you are submitting a speculative application, you should include your most important personal Strengths and show what demands and wishes you have for your next job.

The resume

The curriculum vitae shows on one to a maximum of two pages which Vocational and school stations you have gone through so far and what qualifications you have acquired. Build the resume tabular and start at the top with the most recent/last station. If you are applying for a specific job offer, you should align your resume with it and highlight particularly relevant information.

The testimonials

All stages of your resume should be identified by appropriate supplied Copies of certificates be documented. This also applies to acquired additional qualifications and degrees. If you send your documents electronically, you should ensure that they are of good quality and legible when scanned. Applications sent by mail should under no circumstances exceed the Original testimonials contain

The photo

The photo is not a mandatory part of the application documents, however, we advise it, because it gives your application a special level of Personality. In principle, for reasons of quality, you should only professional Use pictures, not cell phone snapshots or recreational photos.

We do not want to prescribe dress codes at this point. However, keep in mind that an application photo conveys the first impression of your person.

Electronic application

Almost all companies have now arrived in the digital age and accept an application via the Internet. Many even prefer it to a classic application by mail. We, too, maintain a paperless applicant management system and therefore prefer the electronic application by Online application form (via the job advertisement) or E-mail. There are three things you should keep in mind:

  • Documents that are supplied as file attachments should be converted beforehand into a PDF (available from CHIP online, for example). If you send documents in Word format, for example, this has a visual "construction site" character and, in addition, distortions of the display can occur on other computers.
  • The permissible file size for attachments in e-mails and online application forms is mostly limited to 8-10 megabyte for all documents. The conversion to a PDF is also useful here, because in this course the file size can be compressed.
  • And last but not least, create electronic application documents just as carefully as you would for postal documents.
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