On-time delivery and productivity are of very high importance for companies in the transportation and goods distribution industry. We at Franz & Wach know this and offer our customers the same qualities.

Personnel services for logistics

It all depends on the timing. This is true from the freight forwarder, to the logistics center, to the mail order company. And the same is true for Franz & Wach, because we know the high competition and time pressure of our customers in the logistics sector. As a personnel service provider, we make sure that the right employees are on site at the right time to ensure smooth workflows. In addition, we have the expertise to efficiently adapt our processes to those of the customer. In combination with modern software support, for example the electronic time recording, we thus enable a particularly high level of productivity.

Franz & Wach is an experienced Master Vendor for logistics companies. This also applies to the handling of seasonal large-scale projects with hundreds of requested employees at several locations in parallel. Our strengths of a fast response time and a smooth internal coordination process prove to be of particularly high value to the customer here.  

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