Corporate Events

Opportunities to meet colleagues away from the desk range from company parties to outdoor training and conferences.

Everything but ordinary!

You can achieve more as a functioning, well-coordinated team. Or as Aristotle put it, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." In order to be able to learn from each other and support each other, the Regular exchange with colleagues indispensable. That is why Franz & Wach is keen to bring together the employees of the many branches and the headquarters on a regular basis. 

Although employees have all the modern means of communication at their disposal, the personal contact with colleagues is, however, irreplaceable. We therefore rely on regular Corporate EventsThe events can be of a formal-informative, légèr-leisure or sportive-active character.

The business aspect is by no means always in the foreground. Many of our events are designed to meet in an extraordinary ambience also get to know better on a human level.

Company parties

Every summer, the management invites all internal employees to a company party. The setting and the supporting program vary greatly. The mottos at these very well-attended events range from a Western festival to a Caribbean feeling. Games, fun and good humor are the main focus, but of course these events also serve to promote the Sense of belonging at Franz & Wach.

The Christmas parties, which are often held in the Heilbronn-Franconia region in a festive setting with music, dancing and a feast, are also a cherished tradition in our company. Here you can look back on the year and ring in the end of the year together with your dear colleagues. 

As an alternative to the central company parties, there are also regular regional company parties where the teams from a region or neighboring branches meet to experience something together.

Outdoor training

Overcoming challenges as a team strengthens each individual! Successes achieved together are twice as much fun!

Nothing welds together more than outdoors Overcoming borders together.
With our outdoor trainings we give you the opportunity to explore your personal limits and grow beyond them.

Whether it's a high ropes course or raft building followed by a colleague's regatta: we offer attractive programs that don't neglect fun. After all, we want you to experience our outdoor training as a real enrichment.

Regional meetings

Since our company is positioned nationwide and continues to grow, central events are always associated with an extremely high organizational effort for all employees.
It is easier in the individual regions. Our branches are too Areas and in these areas there are also Regular events and meetings takes place. This is where teams from neighboring stores meet and exchange ideas. Such meetings are regularly used to also to do something together - even if it's just a visit to a restaurant together or an evening at the theater.

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