Temporary work

Temporary work as a modern form of employment offers you many opportunities: It allows you to use your skills and manpower where they are really needed and at the same time get to know exciting tasks and great companies.

How does temporary employment work at Franz & Wach?

It's simple: You apply to us and become an employee of Franz & Wach. We look for jobs that match your qualifications and place you with the appropriate client company - always with the focus on placing you in the best possible position according to your skills and experience. However, temporary work at Franz & Wach has many other advantages:

As a temporary employee you can work in one or more companies Work experience collect. Since we place you in assignments that are a perfect fit for you and your career aspirations, you can make the most of your time there. If required, we will support your professional development through suitable measures of the Continuing education.

Franz & Wach pays at least according to BAP/DGB Collective Bargaining Agreement. The hourly wages there are Regularly increased and can be improved by industry-related Surcharges increase to up to 150 percent. In addition, many of our employees are paid above the standard pay scale or receive the same hourly wageas the regular employees of our customers (equal pay) - and that already during the probationary period.
We offer you long-term assignments and a permanent employment contract. This provides you with financial security, even if a customer order is terminated prematurely. We will quickly arrange a follow-up assignment. By the way: The same rules apply to employment contracts in temporary employment as outside. These include, for example Protection against dismissal, vacation entitlement and continued payment of wages in the event of illness.
We help our clients to fill vacancies, Often even before these are put out to public tender or which partly even exclusively about Franz & Wach be assigned. In this way, we open doors for you that are not even visible to others. Use this exclusivity as a springboard to your dream employer. In all cases, we also enable you to be taken on by the customer's company.
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We want to make temporary work better. Better than yesterday. Better than others.
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