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If you're looking for success, you'll get it with us! We ensure fair remuneration and attractive fringe benefits.

Performance is rewarded

At Franz & Wach, you benefit not only from a attractive base salary nor from other pecuniary benefits. Employee benefits are governed by labor and social regulations. In addition to  Capital-forming benefits (VWL) and monthly deposits to a personal credit (redeemable at numerous companies), the company also offers a generous arrangement in the area of the Company car for private use and a Premium distribution for goals achieved. In addition, all employees have the opportunity to receive a free supplementary dental insurance complete.

"The store's goals motivate all team members, because all employees - from trainees to store managers - benefit from the performance bonuses for achieving the goals."

Anna-Lena Derer, Team Leader

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Anna-Lena Derer, Teamleitung
But since salary is not everything, there are also Continuing education, Human Resources Development, Health promotion and work-life balance important topics in which we are committed to our employees. Find out more about what we have to offer on these pages.
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