Verified payment security through the IZS

The importance of a solvent personnel service provider is much higher than many companies realize. Franz & Wach stands for payment security and has its unobjectionability confirmed by institutional sources.

Avoid the risk of subsidiary liability

In a nutshell: If a staffing agency becomes insolvent, its customers are liable for the social security contributions of the temporary workers employed there. Depending on the size of the company and the number of temporary employees, the financial burden for the customer can skyrocket in this way. Do not take this risk. Only work with reputable staffing agencies whose payment security has been independently confirmed.

Franz & Wach guarantees this solvency to its customers by having the Institute for Payment Security (IZS) check us month after month. For this purpose, the IZS always requests the latest clearance certificates from all health insurance companies with which our employees are insured. This also applies to contributions made to professional associations. You can, of course, view the original clearance certificates there and make sure that there are no payment arrears. For you as a customer, this service is completely free of charge. 

You too can rely on our quality of service
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