Try and Hire

This combination of temporary staffing and personnel placement involves flexible temporary employment with planned takeover of the employee by the customer.

Smart combination

The ideal employee not only fulfills the job profile, but also fits ideally into the team. The extent to which both are given and how highly motivated employees are to perform often only becomes apparent after weeks or months. With the model Try & Hire, also known as Temp-to-perm, give yourself and the employees time to get to know and appreciate each other. 

Temp-to-perm also accommodates temporary employees, applies the Employee leasing but many people use it as a stepping stone into a certain industry or even a certain company. This makes Try & Hire a good example of a Win-win-win situationas we like to see at Franz & Wach.

Of course, with Try & Hire, the fee is also paid very fairly: as the period of assignment increases, the takeover fee decreases gradually and is finally paid after a fixed period of time. free of charge. If you have any questions, help the nearest Franz & Wach Branch with pleasure.

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