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We coordinate all personnel service providers working for you and thus ensure uniform process flows. We have the expertise - and the experience.


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The basic idea of the main supplier

If several personnel service providers work for you, you have a high administrative burden. Each service provider must be instructed, each billing rate negotiated, each invoice checked. You have several contact persons and possibly different remuneration models among the temporary employees.

But you can clean up this situation in one fell swoop if you have a Master Vendor deploy. As a master vendor, we take over the entire coordination and ensure uniform processes from ordering to invoicing. This leaves you with a single point of contact who bundles the services of all personnel service providers for your company. 

The Master Vendor Principle

Image left: Left to their own devices, all the effort involved in instructing staffing agencies falls on the shoulders of the client.

Image right: The master vendor takes over all coordination efforts and optimizes cooperation with the other service providers, who become co-suppliers.

Franz & Wach redefines the role

We have the claim, Service guide of the personnel service to be. Since 2007, our longstanding function as a master vendor for major companies in a wide range of industries has therefore focused not only on fulfilling the classic requirements of a main supplier, but also on bringing an even better concept to the market that offers specially tailored solutions for each customer company. This applies in the context of temporary staffing as well as for direct personnel placement.

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