Anna-Lena Derer

Team Leader

Franz & Wach is a healthy, growing company and always offers new, interesting challenges. As a result, you really enjoy going to work and find fun in the job. Working in young teams and modern office buildings also creates a very pleasant working atmosphere.

At Franz & Wach, great importance is attached to the ability to work in a team, as it is only through good teamwork that goals can be achieved and success achieved. 

Each branch has its own targets, which are agreed once a year with the management. The branch targets motivate all team members, because all employees - from trainees to branch managers - benefit from the performance bonuses for achieving the targets.

What's also exciting for me is that you have to deal with different people every day: Applicants and employees of all professions and qualifications. This helps you develop a good knowledge of human nature, which is also very useful in your private life.

Overall, my colleagues and I experience such a high level of work motivation that we simply love working at Franz & Wach!

My tip for applicants

Be who you are and don't pretend. You should be comfortable working with people and in a team. Lone warriors are out of place here


After leaving school, Anna-Lena Derer initially trained as an industrial clerk. During this training, she already had an urgent desire to work in human resources. And not just anywhere, but in a company with good opportunities for advancement. She started looking for a promising employer and what she heard about Franz & Wach matched her expectations exactly.

This was followed by an application and, in January 2011, initially being hired as a clerk in the administration of a branch office. Only a short time later, she went through a steep career and was promoted from team assistant to personnel consultant and finally to the position of team leader, where she is responsible for the support of a major customer. 

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